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National Bricklayers Association

The National Bricklayers Association is a national group made up of bricklaying employers who want to make the bricklaying industry a better place for apprentices, employees and employers. To do this, we seek as many representatives as possible to work with us.

Our Association is committed to trying to improve our industry for all, and this is done by working with employers to assist with all issues affecting the bricklaying industry. This includes the day to day running of your business, improved communication between bricklayers on a range of issues such as legislation changes, WorkCare and wages. Generally, we aim to help you run your business more successfully. Our affiliation with a company that specialises in WorkCare issues and workplace safety means we provide the latest information on legislation and requirements.

Bricklaying industry support

Services provided by the National Bricklayers Association provide invaluable resources for authorised members. These include:

Association members generally meet monthly at the Club Tivoli in Windsor, where we discuss issues and here various guest speakers from within the bricklaying industry.

The National Bricklayers Association welcomes any new members. A minimal cost is involved and we guarantee the benefits will outweigh the cost. For more information contact us and we can work with you to make the bricklaying industry enviable, as we are committed to seeing bricklayers have a quality of life as well as earning a good living.

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