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Builders rates bullying

At the National Bricklayers Association we aim to protect bricklaying employers and employees and help avoid scams and other issues. We have recently been made aware some builders are sending out letters regarding dropping bricklaying rates to meet prices from 15 years ago.

Please let us know if you have received one of these letters. You do not have to accept these conditions. We recommend you work only for the sincere builders and we can let you know who they are.

There are rules against price fixing and you should be allowed to quote jobs – not just given a purchase order and told to do it for that price. Stand up and join us to help fix this problem in the industry.

We need a sustainable income and career for our future, and the futures of our families and apprentices. Price fixing often means you will not be able to pay for things including PAYE tax, GST, superannuation, Work Care levy and insurances – and having to absorb these costs will put a strain on your business.

Please join us in having your say about this issue – and only listen to your National Bricklayers Association for the latest industry news.