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Bricklaying companies

Bricklayers that work in the domestic market are required under Work Cover Laws to have Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). If you do not have this in place, a business risks massive fines if there is an onsite accident.

The National Bricklayers Association has implemented a booklet, the 2009 Code SWMS Edition, which is available to all authorised companies. Please note, the original SWMS booklet 1 version is no longer compliant with OH&S acts and amendments and can no longer be used on sites.

The 2009 booklet has Copyright and can only be used by Authorised users. Use by any other company or individual will result in prosecution. If you are unsure if the document you have is authentic, contact the National Bricklayers Association.

The authorised companies are:

  • All Things Brick Block & Stone
  • AJP Bricklaying P/L
  • Balfron Bricklaying Services P/L
  • Balwyn & District Bricklaying Service
  • Bradreer Constructions P/L
  • Bret’s Bricklaying Brickon P/L
  • Bricks By Ileone
  • Bridan P/L
  • Canberra Bricklayers P/L
  • Caruso Bricklaying P/L
  • Cicul P/L Commbrik P/L
  • EGI Bricklaying P/L
  • G. J. Reid Bricklaying P/L
  • Laudec P/L
  • Maison Bricklaying
  • Marrocco Enterprises P/L
  • McGaw Constructions P/L
  • Melbourne Brick & Blocklayers
  • Mulgrave Bricklaying & Building Contractors
  • P.N.E. Brickwork
  • Petma Bricklaying (Vic)
  • P/L Pronto Pressure Cleaning
  • Quick Brix
  • Ron Goodburn Bricklaying
  • Somi Brix P/L
  • South Eastern Bricklaying & Construction Co.
  • T.J Constructions (Aust) P/L
  • Ultraform Bricklayers
  • Veco P/L
  • Wes White Bricklaying P/L

For more information contact us at the National Builders Association and we will provide all the information you need for you and your workers. We also provide information on bricklayers needed, bricklaying apprenticeships and bricklaying rates.