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Bricklayers Housing Association Meeting

The National Bricklayers Association welcomes you to add your voice at our next Housing Association meeting. This will be held on Tuesday, March 20, at 5pm at the Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Rd, Windsor (Melways 58 G8). Contact usĀ for more information about our Housing Association meetings.
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Builders rates bullying

At the National Bricklayers Association we aim to protect bricklaying employers and employees and help avoid scams and other issues. We have recently been made aware some builders are sending out letters regarding dropping bricklaying rates to meet prices from 15 years ago. Please let us know if you have received one of these letters....
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Bricklayers Housing Association meetings

The National Bricklayers Association works with employers to improve the bricklaying industry and we always welcome new members as your input and feedback allows us to advocate any changes needed and provide relevant support. Why not come along to our meetings next month and meet the people who are working hard to improve the bricklaying...
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Running a successful bricklayers business

The National Bricklayers Association can provide bricklaying employers with information on how to successfully set up and run your bricklaying business. We can give you information on who to contact when employing bricklaying apprentices and who to speak to regarding grants for employing apprentices. As well as helping you with general bricklaying issues, the National...
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Housing Association meeting minutes

The National Bricklayers Association provides valuable information to members, and interested guests at our regular meetings. At our latest Housing Association meeting on Tuesday, September 27, committee member J. Charles spoke to the members about the need for communication between members about any problems they see in the bricklaying industry. He said members needed to...
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